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04 October 2009


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Paul Brightmore

I too own a naja - I'm interested to know where Bonitas windows - these are a very nice alternative - is there anyway anyone could point me to the supplier or put me in touch with the owner?

Roger Simard

I am the owner of Bonita.
Welcome to the site!
The windows were done by a firm based in Montreal called Bomon (http://www.bomon.com/). They ask for the measurement and they make it.
Roger Simard

Paul Brightmore

Thanks - and Bonita looks fantastic.

Martin Bence-Wilkins

I have been restoring a Naja 30 since last summer and very near to completion. I shall be very grateful for your advice as to the rigging as I never seen one rigged. The only picture I have seen with the sails up is the one in the sales brochure. Could you tell me what the outer track is for? Is it for the spinnaker sheet/guy? I can see that the long, straight tracks are for the Genoa sheets. Also, which lines run to the three port and starboard clutches that sit on the coach roof?
My restoration has been done on a slim budget, but has involved new top sides and deck. Also, I have re-designed the cockpit. I have squared off the cockpit sides to create lockers accessed from the top; and coamings to make for a drier cockpit. If I can work out how to add photos to this comment, I will add them.
I look forward to hearing from you. Bonita looks fabulous.
Martin Bence-Wilkins
Bristol UK


Hello Martin,
Thank you for your questions. The best person to answer them is my friend Jack Van Ommen, the owner of Fleetwood. He is, I am sure the most knowledgeable person about the Naja and he has sailed around the world with Fleetwood.

His email address is jack@cometosea.us and according to his blog ( http://www.cometosea.us/), he is now in Poros.

Please email him and share the answers with us.



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